ABN : 66 367 324 688
(Australian Business Number)

Acute Software is based in Glenelg, South Australia, and for the past 17 years we have been helping businesses and home users via high quality software and web applications.

Who is Acute Software

Acute Software has been developing custom software and websites for over 16 years - we can build your website at a very reasonable rate.

Duncan - lead developer

Duncan has extensive experience in Software development including web development, Windows programming, Unix development and hardware design.

Liam - engineer

Liam started with software verification, and is now assisting with developing websites.

Joe - web developer

Joe has been designing and building websites for 7 years, and has solid web design and graphics skills

Mary - documentation, data entry and testing

Mary has 20 years experience with data entry, 4 years testing experience and an excellent eye for detail.

Other contractors as needed

For larger jobs we will hire additional contractors to complete the work by the agreed deadline. We have access to 3 additional developers and 12 data entry operators as required.