How to use the Bug Reporting Tool

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The Bug Reporting program is a tool from Acute Software to assist with finding problems with any of Acute Softwares programs

1. Identify where your original program is installed

Click the Start Menu -> Programs -> Acute Software to see the list of products installed on your PC which the bug reporting tool will work with. RIGHT CLICK the product you want to test and click properties. (e.g. Acute Software's Contacts Manager). This opens the properties box for the shortcut to the program, and in the box labeled 'Target' tells us where it is installed (e.g. for Acute Software's Contacts Manager the default folder is "C:\Program Files\acute\ASCON\ascon.exe", but this might be different depending on where you originally installed the program.)

Now you need to open this folder with Windows explorer (simply click the 'Find Target' button to do this)

2. Extract the tool from the downloaded ZIP file

You can download BugReport from the web by clicking this link

When it asks if you want to save this or open it, click Open. Your unzipping program will open (or Window XP's built in viewer), and you need to select, then extract the BugReport file to the folder you have opened in step 1.

In Windows Explorer you should now see the BugReport program appear in your list of files as shown in the picture to the right

3. Run the BugReport.exe file

Double Click the BugReport icon from the Windows Explorer and click the Create Report button. A report will open up in your default browser - it should be titled Report - C:\Program Files\acute\ASCON\acutesoftware_bug_report.htm where the word ASCON is replaced by which ever product you are testing (e.g. Timer, AutobackupPro, Diary, etc )

4. Sending the Report

Once the report is generated you can analyze it yourself to see if there are any problems with the application, or you can send it to for free support. From within the report, go to the File Menu - Send - Page by Email.