Difference between Autobackup and Autobackup-Pro

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This article describes the difference between Autobackup (free) and the Autobackup-Pro versions ($24.95 US)


This program is freeware, and has no time limitations.
You can download it from
- you select a list of folders to check
- Autobackup copies all files in the folder list which have been modified since the last backup to a single folder.

- Autobackup does NOT keep the original directory structure (this is done in the PRO version)
- you can log to the diary which files are backed up.


This program needs to be purchased ($24.95 US). http://www.acutesoftware.com.au/order.html ] There is no 'shareware' version to be downloaded, apart from the free version above.

- Autobackup-Pro has all the above features, as well as:

- keeps files in the original folder structure
- backups can be run silently so or users can't cancel them
- you can exclude folders to be backed up (e.g. exclude any folder with BACKUP in it.