How to Manually restore files

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This article describes how to restore files backed up by Autobackup-Pro. It assumes you are using the full registered version with the 'Keep Files in Original Paths' checkbox ticked.

Step 1 - Find Location of the Backup Folder

Start Autobackup-Pro from your Start Menu > Program Files > Acute Software > Autobackup, and click 'Manual' to start the program in manual mode. Note the backup location (default is C:\Backup) - Select and copy this location using

Step 2 - Open this Folder with Windows Explorer

Go to your Start Menu and select Run.

Then paste in the backup folder and press enter

You should see your list of backed up files in the similar folder structure.

Step 3 - Copy the files back to the Original Locations

Open up a second explorer window so you can see both folders at once - this makes it easier to see which files are missing.

You can drag back individual files, and multiple ones, but be careful of the dates of the files - for example if you have modified a file today and the backup ran last night, you will not want to restore the old copy or you will lose a days work.