Quick ways to Export and Print your Diary Appointments

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This article shows several different methods to export/print information from Acute Software's Diary.

Method 1 - Exporting to HTML and printing with your browser (Best)

Go to the File menu and choose 'Export Appointments'. Make sure that the 'Output to Web (HTML) is selected and then choose the date range that you want to export.

Click OK and the web pages will be produced ready for printing from your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox). There is one web page per month with a clickable index across the top

Method 2 - Printing your current view

For short term printouts, such as a single day, week or month, the quickest method is a single print of your current view. Choosing 'print' will print the events which are displayed on the screen at the time (eg a days/weeks/ or months events), so you choose this from the toolbar before clicking print.
Then go to the File menu and choose 'Print' and the screen to the right will be displayed.

Method 3 - export to CSV and printing with Excel

Choosing 'Output to CSV' will allow you to send all your Diary data to a CSV file which can be read by any spreadsheet program or database. Click 'Yes' to export your data to CSV file for use in Excel.

Once your appointments are in Excel you can manage the data as you like, e.g. delete columns which you don't use, and resize it for your printer, or import it into other systems.

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