Managing Multiple Users Schedules

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What is Acute Softwares Network Diary?

* Each Staff can manage their own calendar.

* Everyone can see if another staff member is busy

* FREE 30 day trial

* Priced from less than $50 per user

This article describes how to manage multiple user's schedules / calendars using Acute Softwares Network Diary (version 6.3 and later)

Viewing all users and booking meetings

The standard operation of the diary is to manage your own meetings, book meetings with others and occasionally add reminders to other users.

Screen shot of Network Diary
All this can be done from your own diary by clicking on the staff view and right clicking in a timeslot on another users appointment.

Switching Users to manage others events

In order to change or delete another users events you must switch to that persons view. There are 3 ways to do this:
  • Double click on a users name in the Staff View
  • Right click in a timeslot in another users events and choose 'Switch to this user'
  • Go to the Options menu, in the Staff tab and select the user from the list, and click the 'Switch to this user' button
    Screen shot of Network Diary Options - about to switch users.

    Once you have switched to another user, you will notice that the heading is now Yellow - this is to remind you that you are not in your own diary.

    Screen shot of Network Diary running as other user.

    You can now edit and delete the other users events as if this were your own diary.

    Remember to switch back to your own view once you are done (Note that the headings in both Diary and Staff view are Yellow when you are logged in as a different user)

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