How to setup Roaming Profiles with Acute Softwares Network Diary

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UPDATE - 22nd Sep, 2005
Version 6.0 of the Network Diary has been released which allows any user to switch to another user, so if you are using v6.0 'roaming' is supported by default. [use the 'switch user' function in the options menu.]

This article describes how to setup the Network Diary Clients (prior to version 6.0) so that each user can logon to any other PC in the network and access their own diary data.

you shouldn't use the local Documents and Settings folder for the diary data, because it is the local hard drive copy which contains the 'master' copy of appointments.

Step 1 - Create a Home Drive (H) for each user on the Server

Give each user to spot on the server, they can call a local home drive, and have everyone map to the same place.

Step 2 - install the Diary Client on the users 'Home drive'

Install the diary client onto the H: drive, e.g. H:\diary , and make sure that each users PC is mapped the same.

This way, any user can logon to any PC and the H:\diary folder, which the local PC's start menu will launch, always points to that users installation.

Step 3 -map the Diary 'datapath' to N: for all users

On your server, share D:\netdata\public as 'netserver'

Then on the clients PC map this path ( <\\server\netserver\> as N: ) - again, it is important that each user has the same drive mappings.

Step 4 - Using the Diary from multiple PC's

Now that everything is setup, any user will be able to access their own diary data from any other PC, because the H:\ drive is independent on who has logged on to that PC, so each user only sees their own information.

The diary doesn't use any registry settings, so the only reason it needs an installation program at all is for ease of use (for beginners), start menu shortcuts, and to put the runtimes and any missing common controls onto the PC. If a system already has these installed (say from another app), then yes, it will run without the installation. [not that I'm recommending anyone does this - just saying its possible].