Troubleshooting the Network Diary (prior to v6.0)

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Do you have the Skills Required?

Installation of the Network Diary is possible by non IT people, but if it is recommended that you have the following skills:
* Must be able to move files and folders using Windows Explorer.

* Must have a basic understanding of Network security, and have administrator rights on all PC's

* Must be able to setup file sharing between PC's on a Local Area Network.

* Should be able to edit INI files with a text editor

* Should be able to read and understand logfiles.

If you do not feel comfortable performing the above tasks, you can get an IT person to perform the installation, or you can follow the detailed instructions in the help file - but it is very important that you follow each step carefully.

The Network Diary isn't overly complicated, but there are certain steps which must be done in order, for the system to work.

This article describes the steps to take to find problems when setting up the Network Diary Client.

It assumes you have installed the Diary Server on a PC (called SERVER for this exercise) and the Diary Client on at least 2 PCs (we will call ours ClientA and ClientB). Note that ClientA and ClientB should be replaced with the 'names' of your PC.

Step 1 - Is the server installed and running?

Screen shot of Diary Server On the server PC 'SERVER', install the Network Diary Server software ( from here ), and follow the instructions that come with this so that you have:

a) Setup the data path - LEAVE THIS AS DEFAULT FOR NOW

b) Added 2 users ClientA and ClientB (you will use the PC names in place)

c) Shared the folder D:\netdata\public as netserver (IMPORTANT)

d) Started the server, and you should see the 'Scanning' number run

Step 2 - Check that your network is able to share files

This is critical to the operation of the Network Diary. Each user on the LAN must be able to 'see' the shared folders on the server, and they must be able to copy files there.
Figure showing correct sharepoint
Screen shot of Shared Folder Go to the client PC (ClientA) and in the My Network Places double click the SERVER computer and you should see a shared folder <\\netserver>. Double click in here, and drill into <\\SERVER\netserver\users\ClientA> (where ClientA is the name you setup in the server configuration.)

NOTE!!! If you have passwords on your shared folders, or are asked to logon as a user, you MUST MAP THE NETWORK DRIVES and enter the username password in the 'Logon as different user section.
For example if you map the path
\\server\netserver to drive N:,
you then change the client settings from
to N:\users\ClientA

From here, drag and drop a file (any file) into this shared server folder. If you get an error message, then you need to check the security of the shared folder. Once you drop the file in here you will see it vanish - go to the server and look at the diary server - the last message should read 'unknown file found in users folder - making backup'. If you get this, then the paths and sharing for this client at the server end are setup correctly, otherwise check the server installation steps again.

Step 3 - Check the Diary Clients network datapath

Screen shot of DataFiles setting in the Client Options Screen. Go to the client PC (ClientA) and start the Diary Client. Go to the Options Menu then Diary Options, then click the DataFiles tab.

Make sure the 'Run in Local Mode only' checkbox is unticked and then click 'Autodetect' button - after 2-8 seconds the datapath should be automatically filled out as \\SERVER\netserver\users\ClientA\

Step 4- Booking Meetings for other Users

From the Diary Client (ClientA), click the 'Staff View'
Click the Server button in the top toolbar to force a refresh - you should see the status bar at the bottom on the screen say ' Connected to the Diary Server as [ClientA]'
Screen shot of Network Diary in Staff mode.
The user list on the Left Hand side of the screen should show the users you have added in the Server Setup - currently ClientA and ClientB

Leave both users ticked, and go to the Appointments menu and choose 'Plan a Meeting with other users'

Enter some text 'test meeting' and click the 'Book Meeting' button.

The staff view screen should now show that time greyed out for both users. If not, click the refresh button (it may take up to 1 minute for the events to appear).

Still on ClientA - click in the 'Diary' view on the Left hand toolbar to show your own local appoinments - the meeting will be there, in red (showing that it is a meeting)

Go to the ClientB (and repeat steps 2 and 3 for ClientB to prove that it is connecting OK), and look in the staff view - you should see the same times greyed out. In ClientB's local diary events the meeting will appear there.

If this is the case, then the diary has been successfully configured.

Step 5- How to start over from scratch

If this document does not solve your problem, then there may be multiple leftover installations causing conflicts.
a) Shut down the Server (File Exit)
b) Delete the installation folder (C:\Program Files\acute\netdiaryServer)
c) Delete the data folder (D:\netdata\)
d) Reinstall the server (same place) and configure - re add the 2 users
e) On ClientA [or the one with problems], shut down the diary and InfoLink
f) Delete the client installation folder (C:\Program Files\acute\netDiary)
g) Reinstall the diary client and autoconfigure

Still Stuck?

Run the Configuration Reporting Tool from both the Diary Server, and the faulty Clients PC and follow the instructions to send in the bug report.

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