These articles are provided to help people make better use of their computers, and to assist users with Acute Softwares products.

Featured Article

LifePIM - a Personal Information Manager for life
This will be the new cloud version to replace the Network Diary, Electronic Diary and ASCON.
Your data is kept private and you can access it from any device.

General Articles

Email Problems
How to use the Bug Reporting Tool

Autobackup / Autobackup-Pro Articles

What's the Difference between Autobackup and Autobackup-Pro
How to Upgrade to the registered version
How to Schedule AutobackupPro to run at set times
How to Manually restore files

Diary Articles

Quick ways to Export and Print your Diary Appointments
How to manage Multiple Sources of Historical Data
Keeping a Journal with the Diary
How to Re-Install the Diary
How to Create a Timesheet
Linking the Diary to Autobackup
Linking the Diary to the Timer

Network Diary Articles

Managing Multiple Users Schedules
FAQ - changes to Network Diary version 6.0
Troubleshooting the Network Diary
How to setup the Network Diary with Roaming Profiles

Shopping List Articles

Creating Custom Shopping Lists

Timer Articles

Using Sounds with Acute Softwares Timer
How to Launch Applications when a Timer goes off
Using the Timer to have regular breaks
Set reminders for your Professional Sessions