Many businesses get custom applications built when off the shelf products don't do the job. Sometimes you aren't entirely sure how it will look or what is involved so we work with you to clarify your needs and expectations before committing to the full project.

Examples of Custom Software

Below are some examples of custom software that could help you

Timers / Sequencers

Need a complex timer with multiple stages? Any number of steps / sequences can be built into a simple to use application for you.

Data Extraction Utilities

Do you have a lot of Word documents you would like in a database? We can automatically extract the information from almost any Word document, Text file or web page and parse it into a useable format for you

Scheduling Applications

You can have a custom application to manage appointments, bookings for people and or equipment.

Process Automation

If you have a complex data set or repeatable tasks you do, talk to us and we'll help you get it automated or semi-automated.

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