We design and build clean, effective web applications
for your business.

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We build custom web applications to help your business.

If you aren't entirely sure how it will look or what is involved we provide various prototypes to assist you working out exactly how you want the application to work.

Services Offered

There are several methods to help you get what you need, and each step can be a stand alone product - this means you dont have to commit to a large outlay only to find at the end that it is not what you needed.

There are several stages of prototyping:

Simple screenshots

this is just a picture of how the website could look and is not functional, but will give you an idea on how it will work as well as being able to put together a case for funding the full development

Prototype Website

This is a working prototype of the website which you can try out - all the functionality is included, but it is hosted on our local servers and is limited to 3 users

Detailed Specifications

After working with your requirements, we flesh out the details and perform an analysis on a suggested solution. This is a detailed requirements document, with screenshots which can be used to develop the full website (by us or anyone else you choose!)

Complete Development

This is the complete design, build and installation of a website. We can also arrange hosting, domain name registration, and ongoing maintenance.

Have a look at some samples of the designs we can do at the web design examples page