• Easy to use
  • Shows PC Usage
  • Reminders even if not running
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Timesheet Generator
  • Date Calculator
  • Handy toolbar
  • Customer Feedback

    I love the diary software program we recently purchased from you
    Steve, USA

    The Diary is an excellent way to keep your notes and appointments organized.
    Tucows Editors

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    Acute Software's Diary is a replacement for your paper diary and all those post it notes that are scattered around your desk.

    You can use it to jot down notes, events, appointments, websites, things to do, reminders, just about anything at all; and it can be retrieved instantly. Give important events a remind time and the server will bring up a message and/or sound an alarm to remind you - even if you are not running the diary.

    It also automatically records what you spend your time doing at the PC - without you having to type in a single word.

    When you start the program you see the following window.
    Screen shot

    Screen shot of Diary

    A monthly calendar on the top left of the screen allows quick access to any days appointments. Below that, a list of things you did on the computer for that day is shown. This can also include all files modified if you use Autobackup-PRO. On the bottom Left hand side of the screen (you can turn any of these items on or off) is a list of tasks to be done which haven't yet been placed in a timeslot in the diary.
    The right hand side of the screen shows the appointments for that day (you can also display weekly and monthly views).

    Comes complete with Add On Tools
    These tools enhance the diary to provide a variety of new ways to use it. They include a Timesheet generator, a file usage collector, a fast event recorder - more are coming soon!

    There is also a Network Version available to allow you to share appointments with other staff.

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