• Fast access to Files
  • Browse by file types
  • Multiple Clipboards
  • Autosave as you go
  • Text utilities

  • Customer Feedback

    I use your program on a daily basis (to store and retrieve text files) and it is extremely useful

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    The editor designed for Programmers, Webpage designers, Network Administrators, Help desk staff, power users and anyone who uses a lot of files at once, or who wants to quickly view the contents of files.

    NEW! version 3.1 has been released

    Screen shot
    Screen shot of Dnote

    What makes it so fast

    It keeps a list of your commonly used directories, so that you dont have to keep going backwards and forwards through explorer looking for files.

    Also has 'power search' the fastest way to search a hard drive - with Windows 'find' it searches all files in all directories, however we all know that our documents are not going to be hidden in the windows/system directory, so why should you search it? Power Search only looks in the directories you tell it and combined with the Quick View facility and Autosave option, you will waste less time at your computer looking through explorer.

    Whats New in version 3.1

  • Choose any file types for Color Syntax Highlighting

  • File Renaming Bugfix

    Whats New in version 3.0

  • Color Syntax Highlighting

    Whats New in version 2.0

  • extract list email addresses, Website addresses and source code headers from any file

  • save files in Unix, DOS or Mac format

  • remove whitespace, blank lines, HTML tags, special characters, Line feeds, carriage returns

  • convert text files to HTML

  • convert file to all uppercase or all lowercase

  • multiple path lists allowed

  • Replace function added, and improved searching

  • Scratch pad facility to hold notes while editing. You can hold up to 20 tabbed notes holding 1M of notes (if you really wanted to!). The scratch pad, by default is where the output from all formatting commands goes (turn on/off via the Tools menu). This is so you can review your changes to make sure its what you want - to keep changes, right click in the scratch pad and choose 'Send text back to Dnote'

  • Quicker copying and pasting between Dnote, the scratchpad and other applications. Extra menu options like 'Select all and Copy, Select all and Paste, Send to Scratchpad.

  • You can drag multiple files from Explorer into Dnote, or the scratchpad

  • Goto line number has been added

  • Undo feature added. this is limited to recent edits, But all files are saved to a backup directory when performing 'conversion' or formatting functions. Backup files are saved as filename.xtn.yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss

  • Insert menu added. you can insert the date and time, text from another file, and special ASCII characters

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