• multiple users
  • See when others are busy
  • book meetings
  • shared appointments
  • Customer Feedback

    I love the diary software program we recently purchased from you
    Steve, USA

    The Diary is an excellent way to keep your notes and appointments organized.
    Tucows Editors

    The Network Diary allows staff to schedule meetings and share appointments from a central server.

    Screen shot
    View All users appointments screen in the Network Diary

    Each user can keep their own appointments, file usage and PC usage on their own PC. Simple security settings allow each user to decide how much information they want to make available to the other users.

    How does it Work?

    A handy toolbar application is included to give you reminders even if the main diary isnt running, and has quick access to diary features and other applications.

    The Network Diary runs on all Windows PC's either - Win98, XP, Vista, or Windows 7

    Installation is easy and all you need is a network which has a common place to share files.

    How do I try it out?

    Feel free to download a FREE 30 day Trial version.

    Install both the server and client to see all features running on your system. Once you are satisfied that it is working and will do what you want, it is easy to upgrade to the full registered version . You simply purchase the number of licenses you need, and we email the registered files which you copy on top of your existing setup.(you dont need to change any settings)

    How do I purchase?

    5 user pack $295 USD = 5 user license + server
    extra licenses $60 USD = extra clients license
    Site license $990 USD = (Server + 50 clients)
    Academic license $395 USD = Educational Site License (Server + 50 clients)
    For example: A small business with 10 clients needs to purchase 2 x 5 user license+server packs (2 x $295 = $590)

    If you need, say 14 licenses, you purchase 2 x 5 user license+server packs and 4 x client licenses (2 x $295+4 x $60 = $830)

    If you need more than 19 licenses, it is cheaper to get the site license.