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This page contains reviews and ratings of our products by Magazines , Ezines and software sites.

Date Calculator featured in Lockergnome (twice!)

The question on everybody's mind: how many shopping days left until Christmas? Oops, are we all 'mint jellied' out? No biggie. If you need to know the time span between two dates, don't rely on your fingers (and/or toes). As the author says, this is "great for generating useless statistics" (and a utility that everyone should have on their hard drive). You never know when you'll NEED to know! Count down to graduation, retirement, or Arbor day.
Lockergnome only chooses the best of the best... you're definitely noteworthy!


Gives ASCON a 5 star rating

PC World Magazine

includes Autobackup (free version of Autobackup-Pro) on the cover CD

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